Can You Survive The BlakeZone

BlakeZone Portal

Introduction to the BlakeZone Portal

BlakeZone is a part of the Blake Community. The Blake Community consists of developers, gamers, miners, traders and also many supporters and contributors too. Photon, Blakecoin and other coins from the BlakeStream are the rewards and currency within the games. Gamers can mine, buy or earn the currency to use within the games and on our platform.
Current Reward rates

  • 10 Photon per kill and 100 Photon per Victory Royale for Fortnite
  • 10 Photon per kill for API games PUBG, BF1, BF4, BF5
  • 1 Photon Reward for CSGO, Rust, TF2, Insurgency, DoI, L4D2
  • 0.001 Photon if over The daily rate limit

Process of getting rewards via these API games

  • Have one of the games below and an account with “YourName”
  • Register an account here at BlakeZone
  • Input “YourName” when registering or update your profile with the correct “YourName” for the games platform (Memebers-area — Profile)
  • Go Play any server in these games and we can track and reward kills (assuming you have entered the exact correct “YourName” you play with and your stats are visible publicly)
Sign up now or check out more details of the api games we support here

Background information for Gamers about the BlakeZone Portal and BlakeStream eco system

Part of the Blake Community is the Blake Cryptographic Society which sets out the ethos and other relevant issues within the Community, such as the trust, standards, setup, mining and trading of all the officially supported BlakeStream coins. Check the links page for more information.

On the links page are the coin exchange sites for buying and selling of coins. You can sell coins you have earned from mining or from rewards within the supported games, and you can buy coins for making purchases in the game’s shop or web shop. BlakeZone is a unique platform with our own in house games and support for 3rd party AAA game integrations all using BlakeStream for its peer-to-peer currencies. No payments are made within the games in Fiat currency and we do not support paypal or credit or debit cards. BlakeZone only supports cryptographic coins from BlakeStream for all our games.

These games are all Indie Developments made and created within the Blake Community for all those horror loving gamers who just can’t wait to blow the heads off the undead or want to have some fun shooter action with friends in our F2P games like BattleGrip and even support for casual gamers with our growing base of titles a little something for everyone.

We are also proud of our real Community where you can contact the development team and other members of the Community and have real input into the development of these games as they grow. Ideas and creative energies to benefit all if possible will be gladly received just remember those with the biggest say are those putting in most work making it happen. Be a part of BlakeZone and the Blake Community. Join now to play, and if you wish to participate in the future of things, you are welcome to contribute to the community and it’s projects.

Warmest wishes and welcome from the Blake Community and BlakeZone Development team.