Current Reward rates

  • 10 Photon per kill for API games Fortnite or PUBG
  • 1 Photon per kill for all other API Games…

All api games are tracked via your public stats with “Photon It Pays Too Play” where each kill/win you earn Photon via the BlakeZone Portal

*The amount of Photon you are paid does vary per game/game mode especially while we are balancing new additions to our supported list but we will also have multipliers during events so stay tuned for those!

*All our API game rewards are based on publicly available stats and the games chosen are within TOS we are not in any partnership the rewards are from the BlakeZone developers for using our Platform

Process of getting rewards via these API games

  • Have one of the games below and an account with “YourName”
  • Register an account here at BlakeZone
  • Input¬†“YourName” when registering or update your profile with the correct “YourName” for the games platform (Members-area — Profile)
  • Go Play any server in these games and we can track and reward kills (assuming you have entered the exact correct “YourName” you play with and your stats are visible publicly)